What’s the Beef?

What’s the best cut of beef ? How long do I cook it and at what temperature ? Should I grill it instead ? So many questions, with no one to ask….until now! Let me please introduce myself; my name is Chris Dougherty and I’m your Rittenhouse Neighborhood Butcher.

There are so many long time loyal customers of the Di Bruno Bros. tradition and passion for providing excellent products, with great customer service, that are still unaware of our full service Meat and Seafood Market. My goal is to spread the word. Similar to every other aspect of Di Bruno Bros. I believe in tradition and customer service, all in an atmosphere of days gone by. You’ll never hear the words, “No” or “We don’t do that”. I have many resources and am more than willing to provide product requests. Special cuts or orders…not a problem! Our staff has many years of not only Meat Cutting skills but culinary experience in our Meat and Seafood Market to provide cooking instruction, tips, and recipes.

So what’s hot ?! With grilling season in full swing, “Steak-Out Saturday” has been a great success. Where else could you buy two Premium Black Angus Steaks and get a third FREE! Every Saturday! How about “Sausage Sunday” every week! Buy two pounds of our incredibly fresh and delicious sausage and get a third FREE! These are just a few examples of the exciting offers we provide. Look for even better offers in July!

We’ve got a lot to offer in our Seafood Market as well. We buy in all our seafood fresh each day, stocked full with not only traditional items but also seasonal and rare items like; King Salmon or Wahluu (aka- Hawaiian Butterfish).

Stop in, look around and test our skills, I’m certain you will be pleased. Take a business card for your next visit to either order ahead or if you have any questions/comments. Thanks, and I’ll see you in the Neighborhood!

– Chris