Submit Your Fondest Memory and Win a Large VIP Basket

In one’s lifetime, few people will ever have quite the impact on personal development as one’s father will. Father’s Day is reminder to appreciate and honor one’s father for all the things he did and the sacrifices made to make sure you got the best.

Likewise, few neighborhoods in Philadelphia can draw large crowds of foodies and evoke memories of days past as the historic Italian Market. With this in mind, we want to invite our Queso – Files readers to submit their fondest memories of trips to the Italian Market with dad or grandfather.

The writer of the most vivid and creative submission will win a Large VIP ($110 value) gift basket to be sent to his/her father or grandfather. Included in the basket will be your entry so your dad or grandfather can share your memory of time spent with them.

This contest expires on Monday, June 12 so be sure to submit soon.