Stay Cool in the Center City Heat

In the throws of a hot summer day, we are all confronted with the same question. What is the best method for staying cool? Well if walking from one shop to the next in hopes of stealing a smidgeon of air conditioning is the best idea you have, read on!!

Might I suggest an indulgent scoop of gelato or a refreshing serving of sorbet? It certainly sounds good and we have all seen the popularity of the corner gelato shop, but what is the big deal with this fancy name for ice cream? Well it’s just that, a fancy, more flavorful and, dare to suggest, healthier form of ice cream. Gelato, originating from the Italian word gelare (to freeze), is a traditional Italian ice cream that is made with milk (rather than cream resulting in lower fat content), sugar and a variety of flavors limited only by the imagination.

DiBruno Brothers is proud to distribute Bellissimo Gelato. The folks at Bellissimo are committed to preserving the genuine characters of this cultural tradition. From their imported Italian pasteurizer and authentic Italian churner the recipes of famed pasty chef Robert Bennett (formerly of Le Bec-Fin) come alive in daring, bold and true flavors. Newest additions to our selection of pioneering flavors are tiramisu, cannoli and monkey (banana gelato, caramel and toasted walnuts) each flavor so accurate you will swear you are eating the real thing. Or if you are looking to switch things up, try a combination of peanut butter chocolate chip and blackberry sauvignon sorbet for a cool and refreshing recreation of a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

We invite you to visit and sample our flavors; we know this treat will become a favorite in no time at all. If there is something you would like to see or a suggestion for a flavor, feel free to discuss it with our Café Team Leader, Abbie Pisano. She is always happy to dig into the extensive knowledge and creativity of the folks at Bellissimo.