Meet the Cheesemaker Event

Come meet Sue Miller, local creator of two of our newest additions to the cheesecave, Birchrun Blue and Highland Alpine cheese. Sue will be on hand tomorrow to sample her lovely cheese and answer your pressing dairy questions.
Inspired by a PASA (Pennslyvania Sustainable Agriculture Association) conference and with guidance from Vermont cheese expert Peter Dickson, Sue and her family (huband Ken, sons Randy and Jesse) created their first cheese only a couple years ago. Sound stewards of a herd of 60 black and white and rare red and white Holsteins, the Millers cows are not only freely pastured but have the luxurious option of resting on indoor beds of sand! Not merely an excersice in esoteric husbandry, this level of dedicated care makes for the highest quality of milk possible. Upon milking, this milk then enters directly (literally within the hour) to the cheesemaking process to be aged around 80 days and inoculated with that most notorious of fungi, Roqueforti. The end result is quite remarkable, a rustic natural rinded blue that’s deliciously funky, sort of like the french Montbriac but with a thicker, fudgier paste and earthier flavor profile. Come try it yourself this Friday at Dibruno Bros!