Fideos with Shrimp Recipe from Martha Stewart

In March, Martha Stewart invited one of her favorite chef’s from New York City to make Fideos with Shrimp on her show. On Martha’s website they are certain to include sources for the ingredients they use on the show. One particular ingredient proved to be difficult to source as her staffers scoured the internet and made numerous calls to find this product for her many loyal fans. They eventually came upon Di Bruno Bros. and the search quickly ended.

What is this ingredient? Its the Spanish Red Pepper Paste made of choricero pepper. This hard to find pepper paste with a sweet and mild flavor has the capability to dramatically enhance the flavor of many stews and sauces. In the show, the chef used the red pepper paste to make Fideos with Shrimp. Click here for the full recipe and click the links below for some of the ingredients used in the recipe:

Spanish Red Pepper Paste
Pecorino Romano
Calamata Olives

Enjoy the recipe and visit Di Bruno Bros. when you need that hard to find product for your cooking needs.

– Di Bruno Bros.