The London Files: Day 2

I spent today at the gym, A.K.A. Neal’s Yard Aging Facility. I began with some heavy reps, rotating some 20 wheels of Isle of Mull Cheddar. This was quickly ensued by some extended light repitition of Brie de Meaux: 180 wheels, 7 pounds each. I was rewarded with a mandatory break for tea and cheese, which lasted 15 minutes.

Back to work, we checked in the Irish order, which arrived four hours late, which had the staff in a frenzy. Because it takes nearly 6 weeks to get from this facility to a retailer in the United States, the exceptionally young cheese were seperated from the pack to be shipped, while the more mature examples were unwrapped and set in the aging rooms. It was a thrill to witness an earlier stage in the process that eventually culminates in DiBrunos acquiring these cheeses. On Wednesday, I am scheduled to witness the first step, actually visiting the farms to pick out the cheeses we will sell.

I spent the night with my wife at Harrods. She was exceptional: of all the potential bunkruptcy-inducing purchases, she opted only to enjoy some ice cream. I hope this trend lasts.