Matt Says L'Estornell is the Best!

Matt’s responsible for packaging your orders and making sure you get what you ordered. Over the years, he’s tried lots of our products and the normally reserved fellow spoke up today about olives.

Matt’s huge fan of the L’Estornell Spanish Olives and wants to share them with you. There is less brine and salt which lends to the olive’s fresh and vibrant taste. The Manzanilla olives, he notes, may be the best Manzanilla’s you may ever taste and is a perfect garnish for your martini. The Arbequina olive is delicate with a fresh woodsy taste with floral hints. Last, but, certainly not least, is the exotic Farga Aragon. Its darker flesh holds a zesty, tangy taste leaving a fresh citrus aftertaste and is certain to bring a smile to your face.

You can get all three olives in our L’Estornell Spanish Olive set for only $33.99 for a limited time!