The London Files: Day 1

I am standing on London Bridge, gazing down the River Thames towards the Tower Bridge. On my way to this point, I passed Big Ben and the Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. Being immersed in the majesty and royalty of this international capital quickly atones for hardships my wife and I endured to get here: an hour and a half on the tarmac in Philadelphia, two hours waiting at immigration after landing. Not to mention airplane food. My hunger forced me to finish the quote unquote pasta marinara, but I could not muster a second bite of the annatto-colored, rubbery snack whose label falsely claims “Tastes like real cheese!”

If there is one concern I lack, it is that I will continue to taste imitation cheeses. I have been sent to England by DiBruno Brothers to experience the culture and gain first-hand knowledge of the British take on farmhouse cheese. Time allowing, I will post a blog each day for the next week detailing my experiences. Please stay tuned.