Vantia Provolone

Through the month of January, Di Bruno is offering the Vantia Provolone for only $9.99.

Vantia Provolone is the house favorite imported provolone. It has the most flavor of all the provolone we carry. Very sharp! Uncle Danny used to say “See all the juice that is coming out? The cheese cries tears of joy when we cut open a new one.” The juice that comes out is the whey that releases because of the aging. This is what makes the cheese very sharp. Ask any one of our cheese mongers in the stores and they will tell you it is the biggest bargain in the store right now.

– Emilio



How can I order some vantia. It doesn’t come up on your site except when you “google” vantia provolone..I’d like to order a couple lbs. thanks

Hunter Fike

You can call our mail order line directly and request it by name. 215-207-9739

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