Beer/Wine Tastings at Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros. invites you to attend our special tasting events that are held monthly. This is a great chance for you to explore the culinary universe with guidance from our experts. Each beer or wine is expertly matched to a cheese that will enhance the overall experience and provide you with inspiration for your next gathering.

Beer and Cheese Fridays:

February 2nd

Beer and Cheese with Rogue at Upstairs @ Di Bruno (1730 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor)
6 to 8pm

March 2nd
Beer and Cheese with Troëgs at Upstairs @ Di Bruno (1730 Chestnut St., 2nd Floor)
6 to 8pm

We will be hosting this evening’s event along with Ezekiel Ferguson, one of our cheese specialists at 9th street, who will be sharing his expertise and discussing details about the specific cheeses chosen. Also in attendance will be a representative from the brewery speaking about what makes their brews so special.There are a limited number of seats available for every tasting and they sell out quickly.Please call us soon to make a reservation for what has become one of Philly’s most informative and entertaining evenings.
$45 per personCall 215-665-1659 for reservations



I was at the beer and cheese tasting on Feb. 2 with Rogue beer and cheeses. I’ve never had so many stouts and blue cheeses at one time and the pairings were amazing. Ezekial and Sebbie’s informative and relaxing presentation was alot of fun and I learned quite a bit.

Can you post a list of the cheeses and beers pairings? I lost the sheet you provided and I’de like to recreate some of those flavors

Thaks for great beers and cheeses!


The pairings, in order, are:

1. Black Obi Soba Ale with Hooligan
2. Mocha Porter with Rogue River Smokey Blue
3. Monk Madness Ale with Pecorino Ginepro
4. Shakespeare Stout with Isle of Mull
5. Chocolate Sout with Colston Bassett Stilton
6. Imperial India Pale Ale with Rogue River Blue

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