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Truffles 101: The Elusive Fungus

In honor of Truffle Mania – being celebrated at all Di Bruno Bros. locations from December 6-11th – and the fact that we’re right in the height of truffle season, here’s a chance to brush up on the basics about this funky little fungus that demands a pretty high price tag and adds an unrivaled pizzazz to


So We Bought This Truffle…

and yes, it does look like a lunar crater… Words by Scott Case, Procurement Manager. This was written on Monday, November 14th, the day after the truffle was purchased. Yesterday afternoon, Hunter Fike, Di Bruno Bros. Merchandising Manager and local cheese hero, got into a bidding war over a beautiful knobby white truffle, fresh from


New Cheese Spreads: Six Sweet & Savory Ways to Use Em!

At Di Bruno Bros. our private label cheese spreads had been a consistent favorite on our shelves for years. Evolved from an Italian tradition of blending cheese ends to a make a new spreadable treat, we’ve come up with two more truly special flavors to add to our collection. Fig & Pinot Grigio and Smoked