Jeff Mattes

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Saxon Creamery

Founded in 1848 by the Klessig family, the Saxon Creamery is a fifth generation dairy farm committed to ethical treatment of cows and land preservation. Their dairy is located three miles from the creamery, making sure the milk is always incredibly fresh under the guide of Master Cheesemaker Jeff Mattes (below). “Wild lands provide an

Marieke Penterman

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Holland’s Family Cheese

A Closer Look at Holland’s Family Cheese  Raised on dairy farms in the Netherlands, cheesemakers Marieke and Rolf Penterman came to Wisconsin in 2002 to make the cheeses that they knew and loved from their home. Holland’s Family Cheese’s goudas use farmstead-produced milk, making only unpasteurized cheeses. Each wheel is aged on Dutch pine boards.

Cheesemaker Widmer's Cheese Cellars

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Widmer’s Cheese Cellars

A Closer Look at Widmer’s Cheese Cellars Founded in 1922, the Widmer family still owns and operates their cheese cellars. Currently, Master Cheesemaker Joe Widmer is at the helm, producing quality cheeses. Joe Widmer is the only person in the country to still traditionally produce his aged Brick cheese, making it a must-try. Made in small

Renard's Cheese Infographic

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Renard’s Cheese

A Closer Look at Renard’s Cheese Owned and operated by the Renard family since 1969, Renard’s believes that cheesemaking is part art and part technology. Cousins Brian and Chris Renard are both certified Master Cheesemakers that specialize in cheddars and colby. All milk used by Renard’s comes from family farms in neighboring counties. Daily, they

Brunkow Cheese Infographic

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Brunkow Cheese

A Closer Look at Brunkow Cheese & Fayette Creamery  Founded in 1899, Brunkow Cheese is tucked away in the hills of southwestern Wisconsin. Sourcing cow’s milk from surrounding dairy farms, they make their cheeses by hand and in small batches, aging them on-site. Cheesemaker Joe Burns makes their specialty cheeses under the “Fayette Creamery” label,

Sid Cook_Carr Valley

Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Carr Valley Cheese

Steeped in awards and excellence, Carr Valley Cheese is led by Sid Cook, fourth-generation family owner who is the most celebrated cheesemaker in the United States. Approaching cheesemaking with “Old World craftsmanship”, they have created plenty of fan favorites and are recognized internationally as being leaders in cheese. “I think about what cultures are going


It’s All About Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers

HERITAGE IN CHEESEMAKING Nestled into the midwestern United States, Wisconsin has been home to dairy production since prehistoric times! As the landscape of Wisconsin was forming after the last Ice Age, Wisconsin completely lucked out—ending up with beautiful, rolling hills mixed with lush grasslands and soil that’s perfect for making perfect cheese. In the 1800s, the