Meatball Mondays – Beer & Wine Pairings

There are still two Meatball Mondays left to get your hands on these tasty baked meatballs at half price! Meatballs can be a delicious answer to a hectic weeknight dinner or a comforting workday lunch. Enjoyed on their own, or as a part of another recipe, we recommend washing them down with something equally satisfying. Jeff,

Amanda Camping

Cooking in the Wild!

We’re cooking in the wild with Certified Cheese Professional, Amanda B.! Camping doesn’t have to mean eating baked beans out of a can or having a granola bar for every meal. Amanda, cheesemonger and manager of the Franklin location, has opened our eyes to the world of inspired outdoor eating. She fills us in on

July Foodoscopes

Foodoscopes — July 2016

All illustrations by Erin Filson. JULY 2016     CANCER June 21 – July 22 —First things first: Happy Birthday, you maverick renegade. With a new moon in Cancer and a rousing, patriotic holiday around the bend, you simply couldn’t be more in your element. Celebrate this astrological comfort while exercising your creativity in all things cooking!

Cheese Pops

3 Cheese Pops for Your Next Picnic

Yes, you read that right. Cheese pops! Stick those pairings on a stick. Amp up your next picnic with these delicious bites. The Italian Classic Pop on roasted tomatoes, slather on speck, spear some mozzarella, and top with dollops of fresh pesto! And BOOM. The Baby Caprese Caprese salad on-the-go! Plop a cherry tomato and a piece of

Comte Aging

The Fascinating Comté Museum of Fort Lucotte

by Ann Campbell, CCP If you are lucky in this life, and hope that you are, you will visit places that never seem real, the sort of places we attempt to evoke in novels and film. We revisit them in dreams, their memories there to remind us that such places really do exist. My own

L'amuse Gouda

Meet the Maker Behind the Cheese Champs of 2016 AND 2017: Betty Koster and her L’Amuse Gouda and Brabander

Congrats to Fromagerie L’Amuse and Betty Koster for a Cheese Madness back-to-back! In 2016, we wrote the post below celebrating the win of L’Amuse Gouda, and now in 2017, another cheese from this creamery has also taken a March Madness win! Read about Brabander Gouda’s 2017 triumph by clicking here.   In 1989, Betty Koster founded

Ask a Monger

#AskAMonger: Cheesemaker Edition

Jamie is a local cheesemaker and former Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger. She is Australian and holds a Masters in Food Studies from NYU. She loves making soft-ripened cheeses and eating well-aged goat cheeses.   Q. What is the earliest historical evidence of cheese being produced?  In the area of the Middle East known as the Fertile Crescent,

March 2016 Foodoscopes

Foodoscopes — March 2016

All illustrations by Erin Filson. MARCH 2016   PISCES Feb 19 – March 20 —Happy Birthday, Fish Friends! The universe got you a beautiful solar eclipse to celebrate, and that means a boost of power and energy for your soul. Start new projects, pick up new hobbies, and take your health squarely into your own hands