March (Cheese) Madness Approaches – An Interview With Last Year’s Champ, L’Amuse

Flashback – the year was 2016. March Cheese Madness was the game. The categories: Firm, Semi, Blue and Soft. The players – 32 of our favorite cheeses. We ate, we voted, we ate some more.  L’Amuse, the reigning queen of aged Gouda to which all others simply bow, took home a stunning victory, crushing competitors


Find Them Here, And Nowhere Else: Di Bruno Bros. Exclusive Holiday Cheeses

Great Holiday Cheese Alert! We recently wrote about a few of our favorite late fall cheeses that were popping up in the stores, and now we’re writing again to add more to the list! These five cheeses have fairly famous names in the cheese world, but the particular versions that we have right now are some


So We Bought This Truffle…

and yes, it does look like a lunar crater… Words by Scott Case, Procurement Manager. This was written on Monday, November 14th, the day after the truffle was purchased. Yesterday afternoon, Hunter Fike, Di Bruno Bros. Merchandising Manager and local cheese hero, got into a bidding war over a beautiful knobby white truffle, fresh from


Extra Bites for Your Week! — Food News Roundup

1. Due to the droughts and disease known as “olive ebola”, spreading throughout Spain and Italy, prices for the versatile oil have surged over 10% this year! The provinces of Lecce and Brindisi have officially been declared to be in a “state of calamity” by the Italian government due to the heavy presence of this bacterial


Your Weekly Cheese Bites! — Cheese News Roundup

1. For the love of ham! This year upheld the fairly new tradition of Ham Independence Week, which was originally established by La Quercia—an award-winning Iowan charcutier. The week was dedicated everything ham and “celebrating American prosciutto in all its glory”. Our team joined the festivities with a With discount prosciutto, educational seminars AND special tastings,


Extra, Extra! Cheese All About It! – Cheese News Roundup

Here’s a selection of recent happenings that we’ve handpicked for you this week. Stay tuned for more enlightening cheese news! 1. Parmigiano is used as collateral for banking in Italy. Yes, you read that correctly! The Italian regional bank, Credito Emiliano takes Parmigiano as collateral for loans. They’ve been helping finance cheesemakers since the recession