Ask a Monger 2

#AskAMonger: Second Slice

Our talented and warm-hearted cheesemonger Joe answers your cheesiest questions! What is best for French onion soup? Thanks. “I love big, beefy, melty Alpine cheeses with French Onion Soup!  Of course, the classic cheese would be Gruyere.  However, Comté (sort of French Gruyere), Appenzeller, or Fontina would be great too!  Our stores carry several Alpine cheeses year-round for

Ask A Monger

#AskAMonger: First Cut

Our wonderful, hilarious, and award-winning cheesemonger Leslie sat down and penned answers to your cheesiest questions! I tend to stick with a standard of triple cream Brie and a sharp cheddar for cheese plates when entertaining, what would you recommend to round out the mix? “Brie and cheddar are pretty crowd-pleasing options.  If you often