Cheese Party Alert! The Legends Series World Tour is Returning to Rittenhouse on Thursday, June 22nd


Cheese for a cause! Join us on Thursday, June 22nd for a cheesy soiree to raise money to honor Daphne Zepos, a trailblazer in the global cheese community. We’re hosting a cheese tasting party to raise money for the DZTA, which is a scholarship created in her memory. The DZTA helps to grow squads of cheese professionals who teach about the history, culture and techniques in making, aging and selling cheese – a cause near and dear to our hearts! Tickets are $40 for one, or $75 if you buy a pair.

Come hungry. (And thirsty.) Besides having the opportunity to chat all things cheese with the most acclaimed makers around, you’ll be sampling multiple cheeses and specially made hors d’oeuvres that will feature those cheeses as well. Wash it all down with a complimentary selection of wines and beers from Vine Street Imports and Dock Street Brewing.


PURCHASE TICKETS NOW! $40 per ticket, or $75 for a pair of tickets. Charity never tasted so good…


The Menu

“Tuna Melt” Sicilian tuna, fava chick pea puree, Arbequina olive oil poached tomatoes, 1605 manchego, bottarga, chardonnay miche

Hot Rock Lamb Open faced gyro of flash seared lamb loin, marinated cucumber, tapenade, St. Johns Nun feta, Pita toast

Petite Fondue Truffled mousse filled morel mushrooms, fondue of comte marcel petite, amerena cherry drizzle

Red Table Meats and Wrångebäck Hoagie A show stopping 5 foot hoagie featuring royal ham, boldog, pork queen, and Wrångebäck. Topped with local tomatoes, crisp frisee, lucero ascolano olive oil, buerre muenier and our famous abbruzze potato chips

Duck Lovers Pizza Brabander goat gouda, tiny duck meatballs, duck prosciutto, duck confit, apricot pizza sauce, local arugula

Royal Rollright Oyster Baked Cape May oysters, royal ham, local watercress, Rollright glacage

Westcombe Cheddar Brats Housemade bratwurst studded with Westcombe cheddar, cast iron seared and paired with fresh lavender mustard and local honey

Beef Shank and Wrångebäck Tacos 12 hour braised beef shank, Wrångebäck, relish of boldog, blistered corn, and green zebra tomatoes, white corn tortillas, crema

Dessert Station

Cannoli and Gelati Crisp cannoli shells made with cravero parm, parmigianno filling

Chiraboga gelato Amerena cherry sorbetto, chocolate hazelnut spoon


The cheese lineup includes:

1605 Manchego

Jose Luis Martin, 1605 Manchego, Spain

The ranch where 1605 is made has been around since 1878, and the cheese itself is named after the year “Don Quixote” was published by Cervantes. This cheese comes to us from our dear friends at Essex St. Cheese Company, who rely on the folks at Queseria 1605 to select the best wheels for distribution.

Glenn Hills: Wrangeback, Västra Götaland, Sweden

The oldest Swedish cheese known to monger-kind, this Alpine-style cheese is mellow, herby and creamy. Fourth generation cheesemakers create one of our favorite Alpine-style specimens at Almnäs Bruk in Sweden, a farm dating back to 1225. Multiple, unique breeds of cow roam the pastures including Vestlandsk Fjordfe, a nearly extinct line. The milk they produce imparts an undeniably unique and interesting flavor.


Giorgio Cravero

Giorgio Cravero, Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy

Since 1855, Giorgio Cravero’s family has selected and matured Parmigiano-Reggiano in Bra, Italy. He works directly with a handful of farmstead cheesemakers who rely exclusively on local forage, an increasingly rare phenomenon among Parmigiano-Reggiano makers. The wheels mature for a year at each farm, then Giorgio moves them to his aging rooms in Bra and carefully oversees their development for another year or more. His aging rooms and his care are legendary.

Phillipe Goux

Phillipe Goux, Marcel Petite Fort St. Antoine Comté, France

For over two decades, Philippe Goux has worked with Marcel Petite, France’s leading Comté affineur (a person who oversees the aging of cheese). From his home in Eastern France, Philippe has led hundreds of cheesemongers and makers through the details of making and aging the legendary 80-lb. wheels of Comté at Fort St. Antoine, the cellars where France’s best Comté is aged. The Fort, a military stronghold built into a hillside, is attended by a legion of affineurs in white lab coats who oversee the wheels.

Betty Koster

Betty Koster, L’Amuse Signature Gouda, Holland

In 1989, Betty Koster founded Fromagerie L’Amuse with her husband Martin. Their shops in Santpoord-Noord and Amsterdam feature rare, small-production Dutch gems like Wilde Weide and the unusual goat gouda, Brabander. Betty’s long-term connections to Dutch farmers, cheesemakers, and affineurs have given her access to an unparalleled range of cheeses. She exports a handful to America, including her signature two-year warm-cellar-aged Gouda L’Amuse.

Norbert Sieghart Chiriboga Blue

Norbert Sieghart, Chiriboga Blue

Norbert of Kaeskuche will be here to tell us about this unique cheese. The backstory cannot be understated with this cheese. Ecuadorian cheesemaker falls in love with German Frau and settles into the good life in the Bavarian Alps. This cheese is a labor of love and it shows. The smooth, luscious texture and its mild blue character make it an ideal “gateway” blue. Often described -quite accurately- as blue cheese iced cream. What’s not to love about that?


Greek Feta

Rachel Juhl, Feta St. John

Our new favorite feta has quite the story. It’s made by Greek orthodox nuns, in the city of Larissa in the mountains of the Peloponnese, in a monastery built by Saint Dominious in 1520. The current ruins in the area are from post-World War II, when the partisans were there and used it as a communications station.

And more!


Dock Street Brewing will be pouring a selection of different beers, and local wine champs Vine Street Imports will be pouring a selection of various wines. 
During this two hour meet and greet, you will learn the artistry behind cheese-making and enjoy the flavors of many cheese-centric bites, all while washing it all down with delicious beverages from our partners, Dock Street Brewing and Vine Street Imports.


About The Daphne Zepos Teaching Award
Daphne Zepos was a trailblazer in the global cheese community as well as a visionary.  She has worked with almost all of the cheese experts featured in this pinnacle event and influenced the quality, care and respect for cheeses around the world and the people who make them.  In her final hour, she worked with her colleagues to form the DZTA, Daphne Zepos Teaching Award, a program designed to support cheese professionals in their advancement of knowledge and information sharing among their peers.  Proceeds of the Legends Series: World Tour event will go towards this scholarship.



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