5 Things to Wrap in Prosciutto

We love prosciutto. Can you tell? Prosciutto is an extraordinarily versatile cured meat not only because its flavor is so complementary, but because its thin slices can easily be wrapped around other things. We’re going to take five ordinary ingredients and transform them into elegant bites. You can certainly devour these on your own as

Birchrun Hills Farm

Supporting Local PA Business Never Tasted This Good!

Featured Photo Credit:  “twinfarmblog” All October long we have been spotlighting our top American original cheeses to spread light on just how innovative our local fromagers can be. From Atlantic to Pacific, Di Bruno Bros. sources cheeses evoking the classic tastes of Europe to new creations the world has never seen or tasted before and


The MEAT Guide — Prosciutto 101

By Emily Teel Photo credit: Eating Slow For having only two ingredients, prosciutto and other cured hams spark immense passion, and the seeming conviction that each one is better than the last. The most fundamental rule is this: prosciutto, speck, and jamon all start out as the exact same cut of meat (specifically, the hind


Turn Your Halloween Pumpkin into Your Next Snack!

One of the great Halloween traditions also happens to be an excuse for a fantastic snack. Have you carved any pumpkins yet? Don’t trash those precious seeds, roast them! We have three different spice blends to add to your homemade pumpkin seeds. Carving a lot of pumpkins? Try all three and pair with your favorite cheeses!


Meatball Mondays – Beer & Wine Pairings

There are still two Meatball Mondays left to get your hands on these tasty baked meatballs at half price! Meatballs can be a delicious answer to a hectic weeknight dinner or a comforting workday lunch. Enjoyed on their own, or as a part of another recipe, we recommend washing them down with something equally satisfying. Jeff,


Meatball Mondays – Soup’s On!

Meatball Mondays are here! Take advantage of this limited time deal and stock up on scrumptious meatballs for easy meals throughout the week. Spaghetti and meatballs and meatballs subs are on the short list of meatball favorites, but in case you’re looking for something different, we’ve got just the thing. Philly has gotten a little

American Cheese Medley

Breaking The Mold | An October Spotlight on American Original Cheeses

American Cheeses Medley This October, let’s toast to our American pastures that produce some of the world’s most revolutionary and tasty cheeses. This month, we celebrate the renaissance of original cheeses created right here, in our own backyard. From Atlantic to Pacific, from earthy to refined, the New World brings an inventive edge to a classic tradition. Our cheesemongers

October Foodoscope

Foodoscopes — October 2016

All illustrations by Erin Filson. OCTOBER 2016   LIBRA Sept 23 – Oct 22 —October cometh, and with it brings tidings of the happiest of birthdays to you, dear Libra! Blow out the candles and wish as you will, then buckle down to deal with the warmongering Mars mania that will rule your entire month. Full