Dietz And Watson

Dietz & Watson Meat-spiration

by Leslie Uhl, CCP Is there such a thing as gourmet lunch meat? Good question, self.  Let’s explore the idea… First let’s talk about the word “gourmet”.  Literally.  It’s a noun AND an adjective, the Webster’s definition is “a person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food and wine”.  It starts with a

Ask a Monger 2

#AskAMonger: Second Slice

Our talented and warm-hearted cheesemonger Joe answers your cheesiest questions! What is best for French onion soup? Thanks. “I love big, beefy, melty Alpine cheeses with French Onion Soup!  Of course, the classic cheese would be Gruyere.  However, Comté (sort of French Gruyere), Appenzeller, or Fontina would be great too!  Our stores carry several Alpine cheeses year-round for


BUFFALO WEEK! In-Store Buffalo Action.

Our buffalo takeover is almost over, and we’re excited to tell you about our in-store buffalo eats! Just in time for game day (in stores starting 9/7)—buffalo chicken dip, buffalo wing sauce, Sriracha wing sauce, crab dip, chicken wings, and more! Pile those plates high, put on the game, and go to dipping town. Ask your nearest Di Bruno

Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

BUFFALO WEEK! Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

Do you remember that scene in Dances with Wolves when Kevin Costner stuffs his jacket under the back of his shirt and crawls around in the dirt trying to get Kicking Bird to say “tatanka”?  Spoiler alert: that means “buffalo” in the Sioux language, or at least it means I believed Hollywood when they said it

Crispy Cauliflower Bites

BUFFALO WEEK! Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

Oooh hey there, Vegetables! We haven’t seen YOU here in awhile… So we (our Marketing team) have pretty much been eating our weight in buffalo chicken-themed recipes this week, and if you’re expecting me to type something like, “and we just can’t take it anymore” or, “we’ve had enough” then you’re WRONG. We could do

Buffalo Cheese Beer Chicken Dip

BUFFALO WEEK! Beer Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip

Dear Universe, I love football so much. So. Much. I probably look forward to football season more than I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas COMBINE-D. (That terrible, barely-there pun goes out to the guys and gals that watch the NFL Scouting Combine every year and marvel at the incredible feats of physical well-being from

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

BUFFALO WEEK! Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

So many buffalo, so little time. When we first sat around the office and started the discussion about impending football season, more than one person mentioned a buffalo-related recipe.  We quickly put together a roster of delicious, spicy things that we’d all happily eat around a good ballgame and marked it off on the calendar,