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Spicing Up Your Week! — Food News Roundup

1. If you’re a self-proclaimed cheese lover, you better check out this fun list of how cheese has complete control of your life. Let this cheesy, Monday pick-me-up start your work week with some fun! [Bustle] 2. Check out this really cool video from Zagat about their adventure throughout Vermont to find Vermont’s stinkiest cheese!

Cheese Class

Upcoming Event: Ardmore Cheese Class 9/20/15

Our education series continues with our second class at the Ardmore Farmers Market on September 20 from 5:30PM — 7PM with our longtime Cheesemonger and Certified Cheese Professional, Tommy Amorim. Our Ardmore cheese cave becomes yours for the night as you taste the world through cheese! Our cheesemongers will educate you on cheese families, flavor profiles, differentiating

Carefree Cocktails

Carefree Summer Cocktails!

There’s no better time to perfect your summer cocktails before fall rolls around the corner! End your summer with a series of colorful, fun, carefree cocktails. These super simple mixes will ensure your next barbecue or beach day is filled with fruity, tangy, and even some spicy deliciousness. Try the Tait Farm Strawberry Shrub, mixed


Congrats to Our New CCPs!

by Leslie Uhl, ACS CCP I remember walking up the stairs, a giant 40-lb bag of study materials over my shoulder as if I’d have the time or the stomach to do any last-minute brain buffering.  They hand me a slip of paper and I write my information down in general declaration of, “I AM HERE

Birchrun Blue

Meet the Maker: Birchrun Hills Farm

Birchrun Hills Farm, owned by the Miller family is located in Birchrunville, Chester Springs. On their farm, the family produces highly praised handcrafted artisanal raw milk cheeses. The three farm featured cheeses are the Birchrun Blue, Red Cat, and Fat Cat cheeses. Each cheese has its own distinct and delectable flavor. The Birchrun Blue is a

Swiss Cheese

Chew on This! — Food News Roundup

1. Swiss troops have stormed over the border into France, causing an outcry among local French officials. Why? For cheese. Well, for the cows at least. A recent heat wave affecting a large part of Western Europe has caused temperatures to soar up to the high 80s for several weeks. This sudden rise has caused


Meet the Maker: Cherry Grove Farm

Dig into all the cheesy details about local producer, Cherry Grove Farm, who is featured in this month’s Culinary Pioneer! Owned by the Hamill family since 1902, Cherry Grove Farm is located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and spans across 480 acres of woodland, wetland, and pastures. The Hamill brothers, having taken over their ancestors’ farming