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#AskAMonger: First Cut

Our wonderful, hilarious, and award-winning cheesemonger Leslie sat down and penned answers to your cheesiest questions! I tend to stick with a standard of triple cream Brie and a sharp cheddar for cheese plates when entertaining, what would you recommend to round out the mix? “Brie and cheddar are pretty crowd-pleasing options.  If you often

Cheese News

Breaking Cheese News! — Cheese News Roundup

1.  A special treat for those of us who just can’t resist indulging in some goat cheese. For those who may not know, there are endless ways to incorporate goat cheese into your meal. Whether it’s spreadable goat cheese with crackers or crumbly goat cheese over a fresh salad. The three main types of goat


101 Series: How to Use Mostardas

It’s not a mustard and not a jam! So then what is it?? Mostardas are a Northern Italian condiment, combining the best of two worlds—candied fruit and mustard flavored syrup, to create a mouthwatering and versatile additions to your next recipes or cheese plates. Although the existence of mustard is slight in this prominently sweet


Your Weekly Cheese Bites! — Cheese News Roundup

1. For the love of ham! This year upheld the fairly new tradition of Ham Independence Week, which was originally established by La Quercia—an award-winning Iowan charcutier. The week was dedicated everything ham and “celebrating American prosciutto in all its glory”. Our team joined the festivities with a With discount prosciutto, educational seminars AND special tastings,

Cheese Education

New! — Cheese Education Class in Ardmore

Turn your cheese education up a notch! Enjoy our first-ever education class offered here at our Ardmore location—forever expand your cheese horizons. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS! Our education series is kicking off with our first class in the Ardmore Farmers Market on August 11 from 6:30PM — 8PM with our Certified Cheese Professionals (CCP). Our Ardmore

Real Vegan Cheese

Your Cheesiest News of the Week! — Cheese News Roundup

Main photo credit: Cody Pickens for WIRED 1. Vegan cheese? That’s right, Counter Culture Labs, a bio-hacking organization in Oakland, CA, is working on modifying mail-order DNA to trick yeast cells into producing substances which are almost identical to milk! They’re working on making vegan cheese taste exactly like the real thing. So far the


Extra, Extra! Cheese All About It! – Cheese News Roundup

Here’s a selection of recent happenings that we’ve handpicked for you this week. Stay tuned for more enlightening cheese news! 1. Parmigiano is used as collateral for banking in Italy. Yes, you read that correctly! The Italian regional bank, Credito Emiliano takes Parmigiano as collateral for loans. They’ve been helping finance cheesemakers since the recession

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Our 6 Favorite Philly Picnic Destinations

Putting to work our 75 years of eating around this city to list some of the best Philly places to spread a blanket. 1. The Azalea Garden Kelly Drive & Fairmount Ave. Photo credit: After you run up the Art Museum steps Rocky-style, catch your breath and explore the beautiful four acres of pretty fields