District 1

Recap: The Monger Games Part 2

Thanks to all who came out for our second Monger Games! Congrats to the winners from District 1—Sarah of Rittenhouse and Philly Voice! Below are the delicious pairings from the competition. Check our retail stores for availability of these special ingredients! District 1 — Sarah & Philly Voice Colston Bassett Stilton Cup with Homemade Horchata


Raw Milk Appreciation Day!

Pictured above: Havilah from Cherry Grove Farm. April 18 is Raw Milk Appreciation Day! We’re celebrating with raw milk cheese demos at our stores on 4/18/15! Catch these great local cheesemakers sampling out their delicious cheeses: RITTENHOUSE Cherry Grove Farm, 12pm — 3pm FRANKLIN Birchrun Hills Farm, 12pm — 3pm ITALIAN MARKET Cherry Grove Farm,

Mobster's Delight

Grilled Cheese Recipe: Mobster’s Delight

Pictured above: Mobster’s Delight. An antipasti grilled cheese come to life! If you’re a stickler for all things antipasti and you love yourself some truffle, then here’s a griller for you! Instructions for one griller: 1.       Slice your ciabatta in half and apply butter to each side. 2.       Get a 1/4 lb. of Moliterno al Tartufo cheese (or more because

The Pretzel Wit

Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Pretzel Wit’

Pictured above: The Pretzel Wit’. A wine and cheese match made in heaven. There’s nothing like a pretzel roll. And if you’re a wine lover, you’ll totally dig Tishbi’s Onion Cabernet jam. Add some Challerhocker cheese and some crunchy onions, and boy, are you in business! Instructions for one griller: 1.       Slice your pretzel bun in

The Inside Out Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Inside-Out

Pictured above: The Inside-Out. A cheese on cheese dream.  You like cheese on your cheese, you say? This one is right up your alley. Forget the bread—this is fine, fried halloumi we’re talking about here. Using two glorious slices, the fried Mortadella and tomato gets a big cheesy, Halloumi hug. And a healthy slather of Dijon is all you

The Corn Bread

Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Corn & Bread

Pictured above: The Corn & Bread. A beauteous Midwestern bite.  Midwestern born and Midwestern raised, this grilled cheese concoction is straight outta’ comfort food dreams.  Slathered in “buttah” and filled with Wisconsin Cranberry-Jalapeno Jack from Renard’s Cheese, this naughty piece of goodness gets some ‘Merican green apple slices for a kick of freshness and a

Porchetta 'Bout It

April is National Grilled Cheese Month!

Pictured above: The “Porchetta ‘Bout It!”—our April grilled cheese feature, available at our Franklin, Rittenhouse, Comcast, and Ardmore locations. April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and we are celebrating in full force! Our mongers have put their heads together and created their five favorite grilled cheese recipes, which are made with some of our favorite cheeses. All