Cheese FAQ: Can I Eat Cheese Rinds?

Can I eat cheese rinds? The short answer is: Yes, and no! What we like to tell our customers is that most cheese rinds are edible, but they may not be exactly palatable! It’s all a matter of preference. Take a nibble of the rind, and if you like how it tastes, go right ahead

Breakin Bread Desserts

Meet the Maker: Breakin Bread

We welcome Breakin Bread to our stores! From chocolate croissants made by hand, fresh everyday, and ordered through a single window in the middle of a bustling Philly street. We’ve fallen for the . We bring to you pastry love from Greg and Jim of Breakin Bread, a tiny Manayunk bakery doing things the hard

After Hours

Special Guest: Maître Fromager, Max McCalman

World-renowned cheese expert and artisanal cheese advocate, Max McCalman is visiting Philly this month! Awarded the title of Maître Fromager from France’s Guilde Internationale des Fromagers Comfrérie de Saint-Uguzon, Max is an esteemed cheese advocate, writer, judge, and critic. After years of fine dining experience, Max joined Picholine Restaurant in New York City where he was Maître d’Hotel.


St. James School Neighborhood Kitchen Ribbon Cutting

After months of fundraising, construction, and preparation, the Di Bruno Bros. Neighborhood Kitchen at St. James School is finally open! The kitchen serves as a Food Resource Center, providing everything from food and meals to student homes in need, to providing a healthier food-alternative for students, and at the same time, educating the students and

Oyster Pairing

A Heavenly Oyster Pairing

  Dress Me Up in Diamonds and Pearls— but Dressed Up Oysters are Even Better. Created by Pairings Matchmaker & CCP Monger Leslie U., the uniqueness of you shines through. A freshly shucked, straight-from-the-ocean oyster. A mound of Chili Caviaroli, an aromatic sprinkle of diced bacon. A full-bodied, utterly balanced, Umami delivery system. You ignite our

We Love You, Meat & Cheese

  A Sultry Cheese & Meat Pairing. Salty caviar, savory prosciutto, and milky burrata—; a sultry package in one bite. Our own original recipe, and three of our favorite foods: each ingredient powerful on its own, but perfect in a trio. One thing we’ve learned? Two may be company, but you’ll have much more fun

Guido Gobino

We Love You, Guido Gobino

 We’re Hazelnuts About You. Can’t stop thinking about your exquisite assortments, bars, and chocolate-hazelnut Giandujotto candies. Hailing from the chocolate capital of Italy, we couldn’t be more entranced. Sourcing responsibly produced cacao and using the world’s best Piedmontese hazelnuts. Your super high standards will tolerate no substitutes, and we dig it. Pair one of your

Delice de Bourgogne + Cinnful Pecans + Amarena Cherries

We Love You, Delice, Cherries, & Pecans

  My Cinnful Obsession. Delice de Bourgogne, Amarena Cherries, Cinnful Cocoa Pecans; —what would we do without you? You’re the life and soul of all our parties, impressing our parents and making us look good in front of our friends. Creamy and sweet, crunchy and tart; a cosmopolitan blend of French, Italian, and American. You’ll always

Oysters & Caviaroli

We Love You, Caviaroli

  Olive Oil Spheres of Wonder. Caviaroli. Who knew? You weren’t what you seemed. Your silky smooth bursts of oil come from sun-kissed olives, grown in the groves of Spain. Vegetarian & vegan-friendly, you garnish a wintry soup, luxe up vegetarian sushi, oysters, or top a cheese & meat pairing. You do it all and