So Fancy—Caviaroli

When we laid our eyes on the little CAVIAROLI jars during our visit to the Fancy Food Show in New York, we were intrigued by what we saw. Inside these jars was a fine Spanish olive oil encapsulated to mimic the delicate refinement of caviar. These small spheres are full of high quality Spanish Arbequina

Valier Strawberries

So Fancy—Valier Green Walnut Syrup

Dessert lovers, get ready. We found this thick and sweet syrup at the Summer Fancy Food Show and loved the unique and delicious taste. Created in Veneto, Italy, Valier’s Green Walnut Syrup was founded by a family-owned estate since 1484. This syrup was inspired by one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs called Nocino, which is


Our Latest Discovery: Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

Local Baked Goods We Love It’s no surprise we fell in love with Kermit’s Bake Shoppe. Combining both contemporary and nostalgic Philly staples with a lifestyle-conscious vibe, you can taste the essence of Philly with a just a bite. Choose from gluten free cookies and brownies, a variety of homemade pop tarts with fresh fruits (or


So Fancy—Skillet Bacon Spreads & Pumpkin Ketchups

We’re always on the look out for fabulous accompaniments to enhance our everyday meals. And we think we’ve discovered just that at the latest Fancy Foods Show in New York. Introducing, the extraordinary condiment spreads from Skillet. Chef Josh Henderson devised the culinary invention of “Skillet Street Food” in 2007. With his humble beginnings, Josh


So Fancy—Tonewood Maple Products

At the New York Fancy Foods Show we discovered some mighty fancy maple syrup. Tonewood makes four grades of maple syrup plus several other unconventional maple sugar products, like their maple cube or maple cream. Instead of re-inventing the maple-wheel, they have stripped it down to highlight its pure and simple flavor. From their hometown in

Fancy Food Show 2014

Fall Into Fancy Foods!

Innovative eats. Beautiful presentations. Delicious tastes. We’ve always been a fan of the Fancy Food Show! 1. SKILLET SPREADS & KETCHUPS:  Eat Fall with Bacon spreads & pumpkin ketchups. Because, bacon. From a Seattle food truck-turned-restaurant, we bring you Skillet Bacon Spreads—AKA bacon magic. Spread on a sandwich, pair with cheese, or throw it in your


Grilled Cheese Galore!

Grilled Cheeses have hit the stores at Di Bruno’s and we couldn’t be more excited! Stop in to The Franklin Market, Ardmore Farmers Market, and coming to Rittenhouse on September 15! We’re offering five delicious grilled cheese sandwiches that come with crunchy pickle chips and piping hot tomato soup for your dipping pleasure! To celebrate

Mark, Leslie, & Joe

Three Cheers for Our Cheese Champions!

It’s a challenge that can make even the most seasoned foodie shiver: the Certified Cheese Professional Exam (CCP) for ascendant cheese experts. Bringing together cheesemongers from across the country, this grueling test clocks in at three hours and 150 questions.  Thanks to the CCP, there’s a universal cheese “language,” shared by everyone who’s successfully passed, that helps

Emmenthaler Cheese Wheel

Our Giant Emmenthaler Wheel—Weight Revealed!

The Story, The Cheese, The Legacy! During a trip to Switzerland in 1965, founding brother Danny Di Bruno sampled some of world’s best cheese – the most legendary being Emmenthaler Swiss.  With passion in his eyes, it was with one bite of this cheese where he was inspired to evolve Di Bruno Bros. into the