Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

BUFFALO WEEK! Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

Do you remember that scene in Dances with Wolves when Kevin Costner stuffs his jacket under the back of his shirt and crawls around in the dirt trying to get Kicking Bird to say “tatanka”?  Spoiler alert: that means “buffalo” in the Sioux language, or at least it means I believed Hollywood when they said it

Crispy Cauliflower Bites

BUFFALO WEEK! Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo Bites

Oooh hey there, Vegetables! We haven’t seen YOU here in awhile… So we (our Marketing team) have pretty much been eating our weight in buffalo chicken-themed recipes this week, and if you’re expecting me to type something like, “and we just can’t take it anymore” or, “we’ve had enough” then you’re WRONG. We could do


BUFFALO WEEK! The Buffal-Faux Wing

BUFFALO ANARCHY! No more cooking, traditions out the window — we’ve gone BUFFALO WILD! In celebration of National Salami Day on September 7th, we’re making a buffalo pairing that writes a sonnet of flavor in ode to the classic buffalo wing. A delectable, spicy salami from Indianapolis meatery Smoking Goose aptly named the Delaware Fireball, with a

Buffalo Cheese Beer Chicken Dip

BUFFALO WEEK! Beer Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip

Dear Universe, I love football so much. So. Much. I probably look forward to football season more than I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas COMBINE-D. (That terrible, barely-there pun goes out to the guys and gals that watch the NFL Scouting Combine every year and marvel at the incredible feats of physical well-being from

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

BUFFALO WEEK! Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

So many buffalo, so little time. When we first sat around the office and started the discussion about impending football season, more than one person mentioned a buffalo-related recipe.  We quickly put together a roster of delicious, spicy things that we’d all happily eat around a good ballgame and marked it off on the calendar,

Von Trapp Oma

Spicing Up Your Week! — Food News Roundup

1. If you’re a self-proclaimed cheese lover, you better check out this fun list of how cheese has complete control of your life. Let this cheesy, Monday pick-me-up start your work week with some fun! [Bustle] 2. Check out this really cool video from Zagat about their adventure throughout Vermont to find Vermont’s stinkiest cheese!

Cheese Class

Upcoming Event: Ardmore Cheese Class 9/20/15

Our education series continues with our second class at the Ardmore Farmers Market on September 20 from 5:30PM — 7PM with our longtime Cheesemonger and Certified Cheese Professional, Tommy Amorim. Our Ardmore cheese cave becomes yours for the night as you taste the world through cheese! Our cheesemongers will educate you on cheese families, flavor profiles, differentiating

Carefree Cocktails

Carefree Summer Cocktails!

There’s no better time to perfect your summer cocktails before fall rolls around the corner! End your summer with a series of colorful, fun, carefree cocktails. These super simple mixes will ensure your next barbecue or beach day is filled with fruity, tangy, and even some spicy deliciousness. Try the Tait Farm Strawberry Shrub, mixed


Congrats to Our New CCPs!

by Leslie Uhl, ACS CCP I remember walking up the stairs, a giant 40-lb bag of study materials over my shoulder as if I’d have the time or the stomach to do any last-minute brain buffering.  They hand me a slip of paper and I write my information down in general declaration of, “I AM HERE