An Abbondanza of Deliciousness!

Ah, the Abbondanza! It means “abundance” in Italian, and “holiday gift shopping made easy” in food enthusiast speak. (Because really, who wants to receive another bulk pack of socks this holiday season?) Not that we’re playing favorites, but it’s hard to ignore the popularity of this box of goodies. How popular is it? Let’s just

Alpine Week

Alpine Week at Di Bruno’s!

Join us at Rittenhouse, Ardmore, & Franklin stores on NOVEMBER 9th to 15th from 11am – 2pm The Alps are the largest mountain range system in Europe, stretching through such prime cheese-making countries as France, Germany, and Switzerland. All summer, small herds of cattle graze the lush, grassy mountains. Their sweet, herbaceous milk is then

Colatura Recipe

Recipe: Pasta with Capers and Colatura

by Leslie Uhl, CCP Consider our Merchandising Team here at Di Bruno’s the Lewis and Clark of food exploration. We have a duo of product-wranglers (Lindsay A. and Hunter F.) who scour the earth for only the most incredible culinary delights, oddities, rare gems, and undiscovered delicacies of the world.  They are the Food-iana Jones

Dietz And Watson

Dietz & Watson Meat-spiration

by Leslie Uhl, CCP Is there such a thing as gourmet lunch meat? Good question, self.  Let’s explore the idea… First let’s talk about the word “gourmet”.  Literally.  It’s a noun AND an adjective, the Webster’s definition is “a person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food and wine”.  It starts with a

Ask a Monger 2

#AskAMonger: Second Slice

Our talented and warm-hearted cheesemonger Joe answers your cheesiest questions! What is best for French onion soup? Thanks. “I love big, beefy, melty Alpine cheeses with French Onion Soup!  Of course, the classic cheese would be Gruyere.  However, Comté (sort of French Gruyere), Appenzeller, or Fontina would be great too!  Our stores carry several Alpine cheeses year-round for